‘Upscaling restoration of native biodiversity: A New Zealand perspective’ New research from David A. Norton, Jason Butt and David O. Bergin.


‘Efforts are being made to upscale restoration of New Zealand’s native ecosystems. Success depends, however, on consideration of several key issues that need to be built into restoration planning, implementation and monitoring. This study makes eight recommendations to improve the prospect of obtaining the hoped-for biodiversity conservation outcomes.’

This article really covers the ground that HELP Waihi Inc. covers, literally.

Key words: community involvement, eco-sourcing, landscape scale, nursery production, restoration. That’s HELP!

Community involvement. That might be you, or someone you know. If you have a bit of time and energy to put into making the planet a better place, come along! Bring a friend. There is always more that can be done, and the more the merrier. Learn new things, and work with a friendly and dedicated group of people, with a wide range of tasks to suit all skill levels. Tuesday mornings, at the Farm Unit up the back of the college. Cheers.


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