Major Groundworks at HELP Nursery.

Well the day finally arrived when however many cubic metres of soil that had for various reasons been stored ‘dumped’ in the vicinity of the nursery would finally be sorted and put to better use. 8 am on January 11, Waihi Bobcat Services, aka Miles Hoffman, arrived with Truck and rubber tracked BobCat excavator. By 3pm when he left, he had filled and recontoured around 20180111_082600

the new stand out area extension, scraped out for an ‘odds and sods’ compound to be built beside the Potting mix bin, scraped and metalled of a new top approach to the bin for the truck, and sorted and cleared away the two large heaps of excess soil that had become weed colonies. An amazing amount of barrow and shovel work completed in less than a day! Now it just remains to do the follow-up construction and installation work so we have an increased irrigated plant stand-out area, direct and level pathway from potting shed through new and to existing enclosed standout. Also to fit retaining wall, fence, and gate to new compound, box and pour tipping pad for potting mix bin, and fence and gate to enclose same.

Waihi Bobcat Services will return on 24th January to work with Waihi College’s farm unit manager on revamping their garden beds using soil sorted and stockpiled for the purpose during this operation.


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